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    DM 3300 Lubricants?

    So I'm still in the disassembly stage of my planned retrofit of my 3300 lathe. I've been able to rebuild the Gamet Chuck, great maintenance instructions still available from Gamet in France FWIW. But it seems the chuck and pneumatic draw tube are literally the only items I have lubrication information for.

    I thought I had all the manuals I needed, but the Service Reference manual doesn't list fluids, just all the schematics and mechanical diagrams. And obviously the L3 Control manuals don't apply.

    Does anyone know what lubes/fluids to use for

    • Turret Oil Resovoir
    • Turret Grease (on gears)
    • Way Oil Pump
    • Others?

    Is there a manual that has all of this, if so can somewhere share the name/part number so maybe I can buy a copy?

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    Re: DM 3300 Lubricants?

    So I reached out to Roberto, he's been running the dyna mechatronics website since the company went bye-bye... And he said that both the turret oil, as well as tailstock, used the same oil as the ways.

    He also said the original way oil was either
    • Waylube medium V60 -or-
    • Tonna shell v30

    I can't find either of those exact ones. I can find Shell Tonna 2S, and Shell Tonna S3 M, but not V30. Same with Valvoline; The sell Waylube ISO 68, or Waylube ISO 220.

    Does anyone have an current recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by keick View Post
    Does anyone know what lubes/fluids to use for
    • Turret Oil Resovoir
    • Turret Grease (on gears)
    • Way Oil Pump
    • Others?

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