I'm building plasma CNC and I have encountered problem on DM860A drivers.
I have 3 drivers controlling X, Yleft and Yright motors. Motors on X and Yright are spinning only one direction.
Motor on Yleft is fine (moves both directions).

All drivers are set the same way (switches SW1-SW4 are OFF, SW5-SW8 are ON) and are connected to the same type of PSU and NEMA34 motors.

When I move driver DM860A from functional Yleft to control X or Yright then they do work OK. For me that suggests that signals from my breakout are OK, wiring to motors is OK and PSUs are OK.

Am I very unlucky and I have two faulty drivers?
What can I check to further diagnose the issue?
Can I connect +5V directly to DIR and check if this will trigger change in the direction?