Even though I don't have a bar feeder, I decided to get a liner setup for my new turning center. We'd made custom bushings over the years for the other machines but I figure it's much quicker, easier and cheaper to buy the purpose-built parts. So I bought a bunch of liners from .875" to 2.00" and my HFO actually threw in the spring lock body, which was very cool of them since it's a $700 part. Problem is, as you can see in the first pic, is that the liners fit like a hot dog down a hallway. Turns out there's something I need called a nesting liner, which you can see in the second pic. For whatever reason, it's apparently extremely hard to figure out the correct part number for this thing! The parts people at the local HFO worked with me over a few months, calling California, sending a tech out...really tried hard but all I got was 4 different incorrect parts that had to be sent back! Very frustrating...it can't be that hard, can it? Does anyone have a nesting liner they can get a part number from? Attachment 459058
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