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    Door Safety Switch Problem (talk about a dumb failure...)

    Hi all,

    So new bug on the HAAS SL-10 (a 2007 machine), it's a European machine so we have this safety interlock switch on it (a TLS1-GD2) that basically does not allow anything beyond hand jog (no turret tool change no spindle rotation even at 50 RPM) when the door is open.
    Normally when you're in MDI mode and the machine has finished running whatever MDI command you had going( assuming one was running) the machine releases the switch (you hear an audible click) but today when I started the machine the switch no longer releases at any time... so I'm stuck with the door closed and since the startup is asking for a "cycle door" I can't even zero the lathe...

    I tried taking the cover of the switch off (horrible access BTW) and if I manually activate the switch lever so I can open the door the lathe goes into an DOOR LOCK ALARM...

    I followed all the cabling form the switch to the boards and tried unpluging and repluging them (in case it's just a faulty contact issue) but to no avail...

    Anybody ever have a thing like this ?

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    Re: Door Safety Switch Problem (talk about a dumb failure...)

    We had the same problem. Unfortunately, the reparation didn't help, after a short time it continued to close badly again.

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    Re: Door Safety Switch Problem (talk about a dumb failure...)

    So finally I changed the machine because the cost of reparation was always increasing and it was about the same as buying a new one. More than all there appeared problems with door mechanisms in our house, Indeed, we live here for many years and we never changed them before. So then I think that the end of their expiration date and it's time to change them. I started to search for something new and qualitative, and I got lost in all the offers now there are so many sellers on the market. Indeed, I like European style interior doors of white color. I think that they suit us best.

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