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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > Doosan TT1800SY TURRET ALARM
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    Doosan TT1800SY TURRET ALARM

    Please help need info for clearing #2118 turret unclamp status alarm, turret will not index after changing tool crash

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    Re: Doosan TT1800SY TURRET ALARM

    We covered a lot over the phone, but I'll summarize here for any passerby that reads this.
    Using K5.4 when in the appropriate Upper/Lower selection
    =1 causes unclamp
    align closely, but not perfect
    =0 clamps, and hopefully causes a slight rotational "jerk"
    If jerk occurs, =1, =0 and should "tick" the last 1%
    If tick, =1, =0 and it should not even feel like a "tick"

    Now it is PERFECTLY centered on the curvic surface.
    Verify that the VPF.M or LVPF.M (for the upper and lower respective turrets) are active
    If they are, then check the geometry as shown in the following video:

    if not, use the instructions in the Blue Book (located in the pocket welded into the inside of the electrical cabinet's door) to do an ORIGIN SET
    Org.S (origin set) looks like Or9.5 in the instructions because that is what it looks like on the 7-segment display of the drive.
    Doosan Service Technician
    darryl.hardt@doosanmt.com O:973-618-2461 M:973-803-9479

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