I need to record cutting time from Makino V33 and V56 (Professional 5 Controller) using dprnt. As the first step I am trying following macro to send text to machine internal card (attachment), which is configured as FTP server to share files between machines and PC. My plan is that since the internal card is shared, my PC will be able to retreat dprnt result from machines if I can get dprnt to write text or variable value to this internal card as a .txt file.

1) May I know the steps/code to get this done? Do I need to have additional command like 'G10L52' & 'N20R4' to change channel no to internal card? If yes, what would be the channel number required for my case.
2) As I know 'User Macro Action' has to be turned on for dprnt to work. May I know how to control this parameter in my machine?


Thank you.