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    Draw bar dismantle Okuma MB-500H-R


    We've been asigned to change the coil springs in this horizontal machining center. As usual we started taking out the cylinder to pull out the draw bar assembly but It does not go through all the way, only slides few inches and one can feel the compression of the tired springs.

    Later we found in the parts manual that the collet prevents the draw bar free passage. Here is our trouble, the manual only mark that the collet is locked with a screw in the schematic but does not mention if It is left or right hand. We have tried both ways with no success.

    Our next step is dismantle all the back components to check if there is something else blocking the draw bar way out.

    Attached is the section of the manual that describes the spindle assembly. Hope you are familiar with this and can lend a hand.


    Ari Attachment 449946

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    Re: Draw bar dismantle Okuma MB-500H-R

    It turned out to be right threaded Bolt, but It was stuck with a lot of loctite. We had to use a 3/4" x 20" handle to loose It.

    After this everything went smooth, as usual.

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