Hello all!

Preface; I have been a tool and die maker for 30 years, some cnc experience. I bought a bench top clone ZX7045 mill completed retrofit. It never ran code at g-code feed rate. Change the program feed and it would still run at the same rate. Running a sound logic BOB and Gecko G320 drives with reliance electric E712 servos. That system failed this spring and I replaced with a C76 UC300 from CNC4PC and switched to UCCNC control software.

Fast fwd to where the machine stands now.

I can get the UCCNC to run the axis calibrate program, but only one axis at a time. X calibrated with power to all three drives just fine. Y wouldn't calibrate at all. It would start to move and then jump eratically causing all drives to fault.

I then disconnected power to x and z and the Y axis would then calibrate and I was able to adjust the dithering to a minimal amount.

I then disconnected Y power and calibrated the z axis. This again has minimal dithering.

After the previous statements I connected power to all three drives and the thing dithers heavily and jumps in all three axis! ( this is with the C34G320 hard enabled ) with the c34 soft enabled the fault light is on and there is no axis movement when typing a MDI line of code. UCCNC shows DRO movement, but not the machine.


If anyone is in Michigan with experience with this system, I would be open to have you look at it with me.

Thanks for reading! Pic attached.