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    Dual defined servo

    I have a special application for a EDM machine. I have to spin both my part and the spindle and I need a separate drive to run the part. I am hoping to use a servo motor with one of the programmable miscellaneous functions. One of the m codes would be spindle on all the time . One m code would be spindle off. One m code would be index 45°. Is this possible to do and what kind of drive would I need

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    Re: Dual defined servo

    most modern AC servos excluding the cheap Chinese entry level types, offer combined control modes. Thus you could have analogue velocity control
    for normal spindle use and as a second control mode an indexing table.

    I am most familiar with Delta servos, a Taiwanese brand made in China, good quality at a fair price, and Delta servos certainly offer mixed control modes.


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    So since I can use the motor for both applications which would be better. Usi g a servo or a stepper. This is an industrial application and 100 percent duty but just spinning some shafts in a bearing. There is no force because the electrodes never touch the work.

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