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Thread: DV 5

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    DV 5

    Hello i need help the machine is an arrow 500 with acramatic 2100 from 2002 I replaced both batteries on RT 3-424-2172A and WS 3-424-2290A and now it does not find DV5 3-542-1451A ..... I really need help I am in Sweden if there is someone who can help me

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    Re: DV 5

    JSSonmodo, The A2100 Analog Control is split into two sides. The RTCPU is like the working end of the horse.
    The WSCPU Loads the Servo (NC-Kernel) and the PLC software onto the RTCPU during the loading of the software modules.
    The RTCPU handles the DVx board functions, the Real-time-Inputs & Outputs for the PLC (Programware) and the Hand-Held Pendant functions.
    The WSCPU handles everything else and monitors the in real-time diagnostics.
    At boot up these two PC Mother boards load there BIOS parameters (Basic Input-Output System) that makes each board
    smart enough to talk to the other pieces of hardware that is interfaced to it by the software.
    If the BIOS on either board is corrupted due to a low battery. Normally lower than 3.17 VDC then the BIOS is corrupted.
    The software can not be properly loaded and faults will occur during the Loading of the 'NC Engine' and other software modules.
    With the I/O not running the control will crash the hard drive at power off; instead of a controlled shutdown.
    The BIOS of the WSCPU can be restored by the User if the have a PC keyboard hooked up to the WSCPU.
    The settings are in the control reference manual or can be emailed by Fives Cincinnati Technical Support,
    or by anyone who has your email and knows what the board part number is off the bar code label.
    Once you have replaced the WSCPU battery and have 3-424-2290A settings you would be smart to unplug the Hard drive power.
    During power up; press the key explained on the operator display to get into BIOS. Instruction on how to change
    settings are on each screen, When done Save and Exit. Shutdown and plug in the hard drive.
    The Realtime CPU is a different story; normally we use a binary program on the bench to reflash the BIOS Settings after a battery change.
    If the settings have been documented by a user for the 3-424-2172A RTCPU; it can be hooked up on a bench to an AT-PS2 Power supply. You must have a VGA Video display
    and cable and a EISA or PCI board VGA video card; a PC Keyboard. Once the board is powered up you can go into the BIOS
    and make changes just like you did on the WSCPU. Save the changes and put the board back into the control.
    If the Capacitors on the board or the Cooler Fan or the CPU heatsink compound is bad they should be replaced 1st.
    The battery can be changed on the bench with an AT-PS2 Power supply hooked up to the board. Often the board must be tilted upside down
    to make the battery fall out and not onto the board shorting something. I change my simulator batteries anytime the are below 3.19 VDC.
    This avoids the problem you are in.

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    Re: DV 5

    Ok Thanks i try this
    Does anyone here have bios settings for RT board 3-424-2172A and WS board 3-424-2290A

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    Re: DV 5

    I wrote the wrong number before The RT board is called 3-424-2379A02 REV A

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