M minutes ago installed the DXF2GCODE software.

I am developing a path optimizer for the holes I produce in CorelDraw, exported as PLT and run through a software I made to convert to raw XY numbers to drill with G41 on a small router we have.
It is working nice, the optimization is the most simplest possible, just seek the closest hole to be the next in a positional matrix, it works nice, but due the simplicity of it, make some mistakes.

I knew about the TSP (path optimization) of DXF2GCODE, so I wanted to see it working.
I used the same Corel image, now with a continues line going trough crazy cris-cross over the holes, exported the line (image) as DXF and open it on DXF2GCODE.

The image is there, nicely, if I export from DXF2Gcode WITH optimize and shapes, it does not optimize, just export a gcode file exactly in the same sequence of the line sequence in Corel.

I even checkmarked the "By default enable the TSP..." on Configuration/Output settings, Constrain_xxxx (both), tested all starting point options.

There are 31 holes (the Corel continuous line change angle in 29 points, plus two extremes), so I setup Max Population to 80 (just in case) and Max iterations: 5000.

It still doesn't work.

Can somebody help me to point what is my mistake on DXF2GCODE setup or operation, in order for the optimization to work?

Does anyone ever used the Path Optimization of DXF2GCODE?

Thank you,