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    EMCO VMC100 (1980'S MODEL) POST

    Hi all,

    We just got our first CNC mill, its a emco vmc-100 (80's year i believe)

    We are having issues getting offline program into the machine, both options either old school floppy and via RS232 cable.

    We think as a start it could be our post isnt outputting the files in the correct format, has anyone else got a older machine and been able to do this?

    And any help trying to get the RS232 cable to work is much appreciated.

    look forward to hearing peoples feedback and hope fully get the machine up and running

    The machine again is a emco vmc-100 with 10 station tools, running emco tronic TM02 controller


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    Re: EMCO VMC100 (1980'S MODEL) POST

    Hi Liam,
    I load my programs using the RS232 exclusively (mine is a TM02 control, but TM01 should be the same).
    First you need to be sure your computer is set to the same settings as the machine...
    I have my computer settings as:

    Baud: 1200 (note: original setting in machine was 300, but I changed the machine parameter to speed it up)
    Databits: 7
    Parity: even
    Stopbits: 1
    DSR/DTR: no
    Port: Com 1

    Then set the computer ready to transmit the file. (note; I always name my program by the number that I will be loading , and I also add the program number on the first line of code within the program)

    example: (note O prefix to the program number is the letter "Oh" not the number zero ; first and last characters of file are a % sign)
    file name: O1234.nc
    % O1234
    N0002 ...........

    On machine:
    1) press > "EDIT" key
    2) press > "RS232" soft key under display screen
    3) type prog # > O#### > press "ENTER" key
    4) press > "INPUT" soft key under display screen

    download should start....


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    Hi Dan.

    I know it has been some time since your reply here. If
    You are still operating your emco tronic, can you maybe elaborate on the process to upload the programme via rs232?

    I have been struggling for days now. If I load an existing program from the machine to PC, I can change the program number and successfully resend it. But new files I created in Fusion and post process, just won’t upload. The machine just hangs and says “loading from ramdisc”.

    What do you use as post processor? What do you use to upload the program (the terminal you use).

    It doesn’t seem so simple as your explaination? Could you possibly please assist?



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    Re: EMCO VMC100 (1980'S MODEL) POST

    Hi Louis,

    Yes, my VMC100 is still operating as above.

    The program that I use to transfer the NC program to the TM02 is an EMCO supplied dos terminal program called SP; it runs in a command prompt within windows. The old laptop computer that I use to transfer the files is running WinXP.... not sure if it will run in newer versions of windows. I have tried unsuccessfully to use other terminal programs with the same result as you have experienced.

    I don't use Fusion, did you find a working post for the VMC100?

    Have you checked what parameter D00 is set to? It must match your terminal program baud rate.


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    Re: EMCO VMC100 (1980'S MODEL) POST

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