Dont know about you guys but I cant stand placing bridges.

If I set a certain amount, they go in areas where ya have to move them.
I came down to choosing just 1 bridge, then insert extra bridges afterwards.
This works but it's a PITA placing lots of them especially when you could do it in one shot
across the span.

What would be nice and good feature is to placing bridges over line segments.
Like the Cut slice tool, or as in Flexi you can use the scissors/meat cleaver to cut objects.

Why cant Enroute implement a Bridge tool to place bridges over a span?

More than once having some nested objects I had to manually place bridges.
Yea... the duplicate array works but not if you're nesting oddball shapes.

Also sucks when you edit a tool path you lose the bridge placement.

Know what I mean?

Enroute also needs to get up to date with their dialog boxes.