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    EnRoute 4 Scaling issue

    I am currently having a perceived scaling issue within EnRoute 4. The program seems to functions properly all the way through to the point at which I output the project. Once I output the project and attempt to open it with the Velocity CNC 4, the program I use for my Forest Scientific velocity CNC Router, it loads just fine but all of the coordinates that were generated for the toolpaths were wildly scaled to parameters that weren't even possible on my CNC. I am still relatively new to the use of this program and the CNC but I have produced projects properly before, so if you have any experience or suggestions for this issue, ideas would be very much so appreciated.

    Thank you for listening to my issue

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    Re: EnRoute 4 Scaling issue

    Most likely you are not saving the G code with the correct post processor loaded. It is kind of like a printer driver. There are several that come with the software. You have to find the one that will work with your CNC machine controller. It might be moving in and out of relative and absolute positioning. Also, is the scaling correct inside Enroute when you have a bounding box around the selected geometry. You can also mess things up accidentally when moving objects around if you are not careful. If you drag on one of the handles wrong you can scale it a little bit without realizing it.

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    Re: EnRoute 4 Scaling issue

    Thank you, my shop had to reinstall the software and didn't realize that the active drivers reset when they did. After correcting the active driver the issue is no longer apparent.

    Once again, thank you for your help

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