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    ESPRIT License for sale

    Hi all,

    I have recently purchased a used CNC machine from a company that went belly up.

    The machine is fairly new and so is the CAM s/w that came with it, however, I'm already using my own cam s/w and therefore do not need the Esprit 2015 license that came with it.

    The s/w is brand new and has the codes and the USB dongle needed to run. Its a 5 axis license that cost the company over $11K! to purchase.

    Since buying this s/w or a license is going to cost whoever wants it another 11K to buy, then I believe that $5k is a fair asking price for what looks like brand new everything. There's actually for some reason 2 packages and 2 versions of the s/w. One package is 2014 and contains everything and box and all and looks new, then the pictured one is 2015 version. My guess is they first got 2014 but later upgraded or were given 2015, however, since I only have 1 license then whoever buys this will get both boxes thus both versions.

    If anybody is interested in making a massive saving, please let me know!


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    Hi,do you still have the license available? Please, if you do contact me to lmtooling03@aol.com (Luis). Thank You.

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