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    Esprit Post processor - Machine Support Question !1


    When you guys get Esprit does it not come with the Post processor required for your machines ? I see lots of guys with Esprit chassing Post processor support and was under the impression that Esprit provided these and that was one of the benifits they offered.

    Or is it a case of you have Esprit from previous uses and are trying to get a Post without paying Esprit ?

    Any info on it would be appreciated as I am looking at getting esprit for the Okuma and HAAS and just trying to get my head around it.


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    Re: Esprit Post processor - Machine Support Question !1

    I got a response from Esprit and thought I would post it here for reference.

    "To answer your post processor questions, we used to have open .asc post processors where you and me could edit them, distribute them etc. So yes there are older, legacy open post processors floating around somewhere out there. About a decade ago, we locked the post processors down so they are corporate, proprietary and uneditable by the public. Managed, maintained, controlled by us now. "

    So in my case if I buy Esprit today part of the price includes the Post Process for my current machines and if I got new machines I would need to pay more for it ( if its not one of the included posts ) The upside to this is that when I get it the Posts for my machine are ready out of the box and guaranteed to be 100% accurate anf ready to go or it is an Esprit issue not a GoogleFoo Problem.

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