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    EZ Trak Emergency Stop

    I recently purchased, what should be about a 2000 3-axis EZ Trak mill that has been setting for a several years. The machine powers up and completes the BMDC test but I cannot clear the E-Stop Alarm. The E-Stop button on the Operators Control works. The oil reservoir is full. Motor Overload isn't tripped. I've got a few other EZ Traks that I have had for about 15 years so I know my way around these machines pretty well. This one has me stumped though. I had to top off the oil reservoir before firing it up so i'm a little concerned that the Lube Level switch may not be closing. Can anyone give me some guidance on checking it or some other area that I may be overlooking? I've attached images of the BMDC card just in case I missed something on the indicator lights.

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    Re: EZ Trak Emergency Stop

    Good morning, I trust you have a multi meter preferably a DVM. I would check continuity of the overload Normally Closed contacts to make sure that the haven't become resistive since this machine is old and has been sitting dormant. Also the lube oil level switch should be a closed contact if the oil level is sufficient. Since this machine is a 24 vdc control system, All these normally closed contacts better have less than 1 ohm resistance or you will have problems in the E-stop loop. And if memory serves me correctly, the spindle motor has a normally closed thermostatic switch which May be wired into the E-stop loop. I hope this helps. You can drop me an Email to BCElectronics@roadrunner.com
    Rick Macy

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