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Thread: Fanuc 0i-TF

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    Fanuc 0i-TF

    Hello. Can anyone help me to find out the home position code for a cnc lathe with Fanuc control 0i-TF.
    when i put G28 U0.0 W0.0, the tool moves towards the chuck and the x and z values are zero here. But if i use G30 U0.0 W0.0 the tool moves away to a home position but the values of x and z are not showing zero. My question is does htis control need a home position code or else the parameters are not correct.
    Please let me have your opinions.

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    Re: Fanuc 0i-TF


    Don't use G30, better is G53 G00 X0. - G53 G00 Z0. if the G28 doesn't work.


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    Re: Fanuc 0i-TF

    It is possible that zero has been set to be the center of the chuck. (Which you probably can never get to) Check parameter 1240 if it has a value in it then they are offsetting your machine zero position. Also check parameter 1815 and if APC & APZ are set then homing isn’t necessary.

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    Re: Fanuc 0i-TF

    Change G30 point
    1. CNC Mode
    2. Press MDI
    3. Press offset button until Setting handy and parameter write menu appers
    4. Write 1 on Parameter Write then input
    5. Press System until serch parameter is popping up
    6. Write 1241 ( OBS Dont press INPUT after writing 1241) press No search on screen
    7. Write your value in the cells and press input.
    8. Go back and change parameter write to 0
    9. Done.

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