Hey guys, I am new here, I was wondering if you guys could provide me with some help.
I can't seem to figure out why I am getting this PS0041 error.

Some insight: The part measures around 30 Inches in diameter, the current operation is an Internal Diameter operation.
Can someone please point out any reason as to why i would get this PS0041 error?

I have attached a pic of the drawing, I have also verified the X and Z coordinates and also the R values on the arcs and they are correct.

G54 G99 G90 G80 G40 G20
G50 S1000

T0505 G40
G96 S500 M03
G00 X20.2277 Z1.15
G71 U.05 R.025
G71 P01 Q02 U-0.005 W0.005 F.015
N01 G00 X23.996
G01 Z0.
G03 X23.8386 Z-.0787 R.0787
G02 X21.8194 Z-.6078 R1.1877
X20.4351 Z-2.9001 R4.1339
G03 X20.2777 Z-2.9789 R.0787
N02 G01 X20.0777
G00 Z10.