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    Fanuc 10m motor strange findings

    I have been having problems with my Kiwa Excel center-4 throwing a servo 34 alarm. Now if you look up this alarm it says the z encoder cable is disconnected. I took off the 10m dc servo motor and took off the back of the motor where the encoder is. I also removed the ring that holds the brushes. I turned the motor on its side and about a half a cup of oil ran out. The motor sits vertically on the machine so I never expected that much oil to come out. Is there a seal in the front of this motor? Do I need to completely dissamble this and replace a seal in the front of the motor? Thanks Dan.

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    Re: Fanuc 10m motor strange findings

    I'm not familiar with that machine layout but some things I have seen.

    I have seen where sealtight to the motor connectors have filled and lead to contaminates in the motor.
    Oil seals are only provided as standard on the smaller DC servos. 10M and up require the seal to be ordered as an option (T901). In general I see OEM's (that can be bothered) provide an external seal when required.

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