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    Fanuc 6M, motor Z no move

    Hello, have a Center Moriseiki witth Fanuc 6M control. Can move the X, Y axis, but i no can move the Z axis, but the indicator DRO in screen yes move, but motor Z is stopped. No alarm of servo Z, ENBL1,2 of servo Z closed, alarms OVL1,2 close, VRDY1,2 close. But voltage comand VCMD-EC always is 0.19v. Some idea for what cnc no send comand a servo, or what check should i make ?


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    Re: Fanuc 6M, motor Z no move

    Sounds like Z axis neglect is on. If position screen for Z changes and no physical motion when in manual/jog/handle.
    DGN 101 bit 5 should be a zero.
    Is there a switch on the operators panel? Z Neglect?

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