I am trying to transplant the color mdi/CRT/softkeys and graphics card from one machine that is being scrapped to another one that I intend to use that just has the basic small monochrome mdi/crt both have the 6b level 2 ,main board.

Hardware wise I think I have all that figured out. The CRT has a large PCB and a power supply that are next to it, the softkeys seem to piggyback onto the MDI keys and there is a graphics/puncher card that replaces the standard one on the main board. There does not seem to be anything else. Is that correct?

Next as far as parameters, I am trying to narrow down exactly which bits are relevant to the color crt, the graphics, and the softkeys if there are any

Are there parameters I have to change, or do I just swap the hardware and it will go?

Here is a pic of the relevant parameters from the 6MB2 that has the hardware I want.