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    FANUC Controller Oi-Mate-TD

    Dear Experts

    We are facing an issue of Display not getting ON in FANUC Controller Oi-Mate-TD, Type: A02B-0321-B530 .
    Found 24VDC is OK at input connector CP1 to Controller and “8” appearing on CNC .

    · We have tried by disconnecting all connectors except CP1, also
    · We have tried switching on by pressing soft keys 1&2 and 1&7 together Still same issue of display not getting on
    · Fans are in working state

    Request for advice


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    Re: FANUC Controller Oi-Mate-TD

    If the "8" is solid:
    "State where the cpu is not started after power is turned on"
    -the mainboard may be faulty
    Back up need it if you wanna mess with the mainboard,otherwise will be lost due to manipulating the FROM/SRAM module.
    Better call Fanuc India for this kind of job.
    Good luck

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