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    Post Fanuc EDM 914 SRAM Parity : (2N)

    Greetings Everyone.

    I am hoping someone could provide me with a little insight. I have been searching around for some answers with little success.

    We have a FANUC EDM machine that recently ran into some issues. It was receiving a boot error. I looked into the machine and noticed the main unit fan has seized up and no longer functioning. Our milwright took the unit apart and we have since added some temporary fans into the unit since the 90MM 24VDC were hard to come by. I have them on order.

    He is looking at replacing the battery.

    Attached is a screen shot of the error, any advice or information to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Fanuc EDM 914 SRAM Parity : (2N)

    You have lost all essential volatile data: parameters, offsets, programs and more.
    Start by clearing the sram memory by powering the control up with RESET and DELETE pressed. If the control comes up with regular alarms (because parameters are lost) you will have to restore all data from a known good backup. If the control still gets the 914 alarm, that likely means that the sram memory is damaged, but probably the memory got lost when the batteries were replaced wile the control was turned OFF.

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