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    Fanuc macro and parameters problem

    Hello there.
    I work on a Fanuc 18i-MB5 and I have some problems calling macro with parameters.
    For instance, I use a program, called "O9351" which measure and calculate the center of a hole. This macro can take parameters like "K" for the deepth of the probe before starting the measures, and a parameter "D" for the diameter of the hole. If the hole diameter's is less than 38mm, it measure twice the center for accuracy.

    However, when I ask "G65 P9351 K-20 D20" into my programmed macro, the probe doesn't get down , and the measures are done only once.
    In fact, it's like the machine doesn't send the parameter to the prgm, and this one behave like if nothing was sent to it.

    Have you got any idea of smthg I am doing wrong? Or a precise parameter I have to change? I allready tried the 6005.0 parameter but nothing changes...

    Thanks a lot


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    Re: Fanuc macro and parameters problem

    These Macros you speak of are Renishaw Macros, not Fanuc. (Maybe you already knew this?) You'll need to look into your Renishaw manuals for their proper use and for the proper settings of Fanuc parameters to suit Renishaw probing when using an 18i Fanuc Control.

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