I am trying to get Fanuc Manual Guide simulator CNC (milling turning mill/turning). I did contact UK Fanuc seller and I was quoted about £ 1.150.00 for a FANUC CNC GUIDE software but they do not have it in stock right now.
I can see that in the Fanuc America websites on this link: https://www.fanucamerica.com/product...ation-software
They sell a version called: FANUC CNC Machining Simulation for Workforce Development, and they have 30 days free trial, and you can even simulate with machine model which sounds really cool to have. The problem is they can only sell the software if you live in USA.
My questions are:
Is there anyone here who has this simulator editing pgms both in iso and conversional, and also loading CAD/CAM programs, and maybe even simulating with machine model?
Any experience you share about Fanuc CNC machining simulator will be very appreciative.