I have an old (1998) cnc machine with fanuc o-mc control on it.
When i try to use multiple work coordonates, in this case G54, G55 and G56, and it gets to G55 it goes z overtravel.
If i run the same program with just one woork coordoante system (doesn't matter which one), it runs fine. Below you can see a part of the program. I use Fusion360 as CAM and the Fanuc post processor from fusion library, if that matters in any way. Bellow you can see the program i am trying to use.

(T1 D=119. CR=0. - ZMIN=44.9 - FACE MILL)
N10 G90 G94 G17
N15 G21
N20 G53 G00 Z0.

N25 T1 M06
N30 S2300 M03
N35 G54
N40 M08
N45 G00 X-52.3 Y77.35
N50 G43 Z59. H01
N55 G00 Z56.8
N60 G19 G02 Y65.45 Z44.9 J-11.9 F250.
N65 G01 Y0.
N70 Y-50.
N75 G02 Y-61.9 Z56.8 K11.9 F1500.
N80 G00 Z59.975
N90 G53 G00 Z0.

N94 G90
N95 G55
N96 G17
N105 G00 X-52.3 Y77.35
N115 G00 Z56.8
N120 G19 G02 Y65.45 Z44.9 J-11.9 F250.
N125 G01 Y0.
N130 Y-50.
N135 G02 Y-61.9 Z56.8 K11.9 F1500.
N140 G00 Z59.975
N150 G53 G00 Z0.

N155 G56
N165 G00 X-52.3 Y77.35
N170 G43 Z59. H01
N175 G00 Z56.8
N180 G19 G02 Y65.45 Z44.9 J-11.9 F250.
N185 G01 Y0.
N190 Y-50.
N195 G02 Y-61.9 Z56.8 K11.9 F1500.
N200 G00 Z59.975
N205 G17

N210 M09
N215 G53 G00 Z0.
N216 G53 X0. Y0.
N235 M30

Also the machine has an umbrela style atc, which if offset by one. the atc pocket 2 corresponds to T1 in the control, and so on. In the diagnostic screen T1 is assigned to D420, which is the tool in the spindle, D421 should be T1, but i do not know how to change this settings (diagnostic and parameters are two diffrent things on this machine).
Any help will be greatly appreciated