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    FANUC O-T alarm 930 cpu interrupt

    when I turn on the machine about five minutes.
    machine alarm 930 cpu interrupt
    I replace new batterry machin alarm the same

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    The 930 CPU Interrupt often occurs when there's a disruption to the 5V logic supply. This is usually due to electrical noise in the machine or in the electrical panel. FANUC misleads you in the manual by suggesting replacement of the master board. This rarely solves the problem. This fault is almost always caused by problems in the grounding or electrical arc suppression of AC and DC devices. Often, the problem will not occur if you leave the machine in Estop after powering up. Once you take it out of Estop, hydraulics, etc come on and that's when the problem usually occurs.

    Searching and correcting electrical noise problems can painstaking and detailed. It is useful to have a storage scope on the 5V test pin on the CNC Masterboard and set the trigger level around 4V. If you observe a disruption while bringing up and dropping out magnetics, this is a problem. You'll have to isolate and figure out which devices (relays, solenoids, contactors) are causing the problem.

    The coolant system seems to be the most prevalant cause of many of these that I've seen. One must carefully check the suppression of DC relays (reverse biased diode across the coil) and also AC contactors (RC network across the coil and RC networks across the contacts).

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    I have a similar problem, but mine seems to only be when it's cold out, starts up with a 930 alarm, after several tries, machine will power up, but this is a new install of an older machine running through a phase converter.

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    I had faced the same problem CPU interupt 930 error in my machine equipped with fanuc OT-C. My problem got solved after replacement of the memory card.

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    memory card ?? are you sure
    Normally, on the FS0C, the problem comes always from the main board ......

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    Re: FANUC O-T alarm 930 cpu interrupt

    To add to this we’re having this error occur from a memory card when we try and read it. The card is apparent incompatible in case someone else should get this error. Pull the card and restart the machine and it should go away. The same card does it on all four of our fanuc controls.

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    Re: FANUC O-T alarm 930 cpu interrupt

    Are you referring to the MEMORY BOARD? As always, you must use the same model board when replacing it. Also, the systems eproms must have a compatible software version.

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    Re: FANUC O-T alarm 930 cpu interrupt

    Hello. Please advise which board is Memory Board on leadwell MCV milling machine.

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