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    Fanuc OTC OEM ladder eprom chips .

    Greetings all,
    Anyone here know if it is possible to take the OEM ladder chips from a 1990 OTC memory board (on a 1990 OTC motherboard), and transfer them to a more recent model , let's say 1995 OTC memory board (on a 1995 OTC motherboard)?
    Or, could one substitute the 1990 memory board for the 1995 memory board on the 1995 controller MB?
    In other words, are the 1995 OTC controller components backwards compatible?

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    Re: Fanuc OTC OEM ladder eprom chips .

    Why would you want to do that? You know that the ladder was written for a particular machine. Changing the chips alone can cause many problems. The I/O assignment was written by the MTB. (X12.7 is not the same for every machine with a 0TC controller). Neither are any of the other inputs and outputs. Also the CNC Diagnostic are values that the ladder reads and writes to.

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