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    Finding PCTG plastic block for CNC


    It's been really difficult finding plastic blocks for CNC let alone PCTG blocks.
    The blocks need to be 2" tall and at least 7.5"x4"

    If anyone can guide me in the right direction it'd be really appreciated. I'm in Los Angeles.

    Thank you

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    Re: Finding PCTG plastic block for CNC

    There are plenty of plastic types that work well for CNC machining. I've had good luck with polycarbonate and acetyl; both cut cleanly without building up on the cutter. Is there a specific reason you need PCTG? I did some searching, and it doesn't seem to come in 2" thickness; can you laminate thinner sheets to form the blocks you need? It's also available in pellet form; I suppose you could have some blocks injection-molded, or injection-mold some near-net shapes and just finish them on the CNC.
    Andrew Werby

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