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    Post FOCAS2/Ethernet Problem


    I am trying to make offset changes on my 0i - MD FANUC series control, throughout a PC. I've followed the protocol described in FANUC's manuals for activating Focas2/ethernet connection. My trouble starts when I connect the computer with a LAN cable to the machine, as soon as I want to start the "CNC Screen Display Software" (I have entered IP address and Port Number) I get the following message:

    "CNC operated by another PC"

    I don't know if I am not activating one parameter or something similar. Because I connected the computer to another machine (which is the same model just a couple of years newer) and it worked perfectly. I am thinking there must be a bit needed to be activated and this newer model has it default activated. I tried to compare parameters but I had no luck.

    Please help me! I will really appreciate!

    Best Regards


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    Re: FOCAS2/Ethernet Problem

    same issue happend to my situation. trying ...

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    Re: FOCAS2/Ethernet Problem

    Its because when you use the cnc screen display, and hook the laptop up you take control of the CNC on the PC.
    The CNC screen goes black.
    You can only display on one or the other.

    If you want both you need the option dual screen display.

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