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    Fusion 360 post with tool change request


    Could someone with the pro version of fusion 360 post some script with a manual tool change in it?

    I have the free version that does no allow even manual tool changes to be posted as singe program so I would like to edit the different programs together and incorporate a manual tool change. I am very new to g code and I think it would help me to see how the fusion Milltronics post processor handles manual tool changes.



    My control is centurion 6.

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    Re: Fusion 360 post with tool change request

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    Re: Fusion 360 post with tool change request

    Quote Originally Posted by pastaman View Post
    Wow that is awesome!! I did not know that existed.

    I would still like to see what a stock tool change command looks like so I know what to tell the program to insert.

    Thanks again pastaman!

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    Re: Fusion 360 post with tool change request

    Face off a 2'' square block with a 0.500'' endmill, tool change is at N4

    N1 G90 G94 G17
    N2 G20
    N3 G32
    N4 T1 M6
    N5 S7639 M3
    N6 G54
    N7 M8
    N8 G0 X1.365 Y-1.9085
    N9 G43 Z1.12 H1
    N10 G0 Z0.72
    N11 G1 Z0.53 F126.1
    N12 G18 G3 X1.315 Z0.48 I-0.05
    N13 G1 X1.04
    N14 X-1.04
    N15 G17 G2 Y-1.492 J0.2082
    N16 G1 X1.04
    N17 G3 Y-1.0755 J0.2083
    N18 G1 X-1.04
    N19 G2 Y-0.659 J0.2082
    N20 G1 X1.04
    N21 G3 Y-0.2425 J0.2082
    N22 G1 X-1.04
    N23 G18 G3 X-1.09 Z0.53 K0.05
    N24 G0 Z1.12
    N25 G17
    N26 M9
    N27 G32
    N28 G28 G91 X0 Y0
    N29 G90
    N30 M30
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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