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Thread: G52 code

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    G52 code

    Hello guys, I`m a junior in CN programing and machining, and I have a question regarding G52 code. I know that there it is a lot of threads regarding this but I didn1t undestood very well, and maybe you can help me . So , G52 it is considerate another workoffset like G54...G59 ? it is necessary to take work coordinates ( X Y Z ) for this code like for G54...G59 in offset page ? For example , I had N1 G00 G80 G90 G54 G40 ; N2 S8000 M03 ; N3
    G52 X0 Y-69..2 ; N4 A0 B0 X0 Y0 ...how it works ? Thanks a lot in advance for your help...

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    Re: G52 code

    G52 is a local and absolute zero offset. The shift has a modal effect. It is retained when the zero point is changed. If you have set an offset (G52 X.. Y.. Z..), you must also delete it again (G52 X0 Y0 Z0).
    G52 is not required for programs from the CAM. It is not necessary to process G52 in the zero point memory. It helps to recognize whether there is a G52 and which values ​​are currently effective. G52 helps the programmer on the machine.
    What can it be used for?
    Recognize dimensional tolerances.
    Part 100 -0.2 wide; Zero point left; Step on the right 10 +0.2 wide
    G52 X99.9
    G41 X-10.1
    G52 X0

    If the part changes, this change only needs to be carried out once.
    Part 15x4; Material 16xnn; largest cutter DM4; Offset per part 8.5 (4+4+2×0.25)
    #1 = 10 (number)
    #2 = 0 (counter)
    Wh [#2 LT #1] DO 1
    G52 X[8.5*#2]
    END 1

    same complex machining at different positions

    G52 X.. Y..
    M97 P1000
    G52 X.. Y..
    M97 P1000
    G0 X.. Y..

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