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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > G540 vs MX4660 for new stepper drives
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    G540 vs MX4660 for new stepper drives

    I currently have a Velox VR-3636 and the stepper drive BOB has fried. They don't make this model of BOB anymore so I am looking for a replacement BOB or just replacing it all and going with either a G540 or MX4660. A new control box from them is out of my current price range. My steppers are HS2328A. 6.8mH inductance. I would plan to just wire up the G540 or MX4660 in my current box and replace the power supply, connectors, etc with what is needed for either of those.

    Pros of the G540
    I have about 7 spare G250x drives that could be used in the new G540 if one ever goes out.
    Cheaper than the MX4660

    50VDC max input. Quite a bit lower than the recommended for the steppers and their high inductance. Although the current voltage supplied in the box I believe is only 24-28VDC so maybe thats ok?
    Fewer inputs although I could wire the limit switches to 1 input to save.

    Pros of the MX4660
    More inputs and outputs
    Higher input VDC rating.

    I don't have spare drives.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: G540 vs MX4660 for new stepper drives

    Found out from Gecko that the G540 doesn't support the G250X rev 2 version of the drives. I think I am going to end up going with the MX4660 as that is what Velox uses in their newer control boxes.

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    Re: G540 vs MX4660 for new stepper drives

    I have both a G540 and MX3660 in my control.

    The G540 sure has been reliable over the years. My MX3660 just crapped out, it's less than two years old. That said, the MX3660 has superior drivers, IMO. My steppers run a lot cooler and quieter with the MX3660. I also prefer the terminals on the MX3660, it's just much easier to wire up with the plug type terminals.

    In speaking with Leadshine they have provided some instructions for tinkering with my blown up MX3660, which is nice. I'm not sure what I will result from this, but I bought a new unit. They seem to indicate that it could be repairable, or that it could be dead for good.

    I run 48V.

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