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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Gecko Drives > Gecko drive doesn´t work. Need help.
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    Gecko drive doesn´t work. Need help.

    I tried to install the gecko g540 today which had been on service and there is still problem with it. When I turned the current on, it came a litle cracking noise and there were not any lights on it. No green or no red light, but a litle red light inside where some resistors are attached to the motherboard. I had nothing connected to it, neither motors or seial cable. When I removed all the drivers and tried to turn on the motherboard again, only the red led is lighting on the front but also the small red light as I mentioned above.
    What may be wrong?

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    Re: Gecko drive doesn´t work. Need help.

    What you describe doesn’t sound right, but assuming you wired the drive properly, why wouldn’t you contact Gecko service and ask them?
    Gecko has excellent documentation on their site on proper wiring.

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