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IndustryArena Forum > General Maintenance > Maintenance DIY Discussion > General Electrical Question / INDRAMT TypeTRK6 Servo motor drive controller/
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    Exclamation General Electrical Question / INDRAMT TypeTRK6 Servo motor drive controller/

    Hi I've got a INDRAMAT Servo motor drive or controller That is not working. I have a theory why but I don't know enough about the drive or general electrical to know if I'm out to lunch. If anyone could give me some advice Id greatly appreciate it.

    The problem We recently moved the machine from one location to another its a huge Roll Press machine fairly old.
    In the new location we have had problem after problem with it and the majority of the problems has revolved around an INDRAMAT drive or controller. It blew a component shortly after turning the machine on. We sent the drive out for repairs and got it back yesterday. The problem is every time we power the drive on the S input on the RST inputs blows a fuse. The controller receives data from an encoder via an Allen Bradly PLC 500. INDRAMAT tells us its not seeing voltage from the encoder so it will not turn on the motor. We have since discovered the blowing fuse issue. It blows as soon as power is supplied. Before we ever turn on anything down stream from the drive. Encoders sensors motors ect. No one wants to actually do the work of checking for shorts or removing all other inputs and out puts from the drive so rather than stand around and watch everyone else stand around I decide to look for answers. The real issue I do believe is that in its previous location we used a step down transformer to go from 480VAC to 360VAC to run the drive. In its new location, new electrical company, the same step down transformer outputs almost 390-395 VAC. The drive is rated for 380Volts. Short of disconnecting everything from the drive and isolating all the inputs/ outputs which should have been done but no one will let me confirm, The electrical is the only other obvious issue. Am I wrong to think we need a new rectifier or another step down transformer or something to lower the voltage into the drive. Or do I need to convince them to just disconnect all the inputs and outputs to the drive except power in and see if the fuses blow then?

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    Re: General Electrical Question / INDRAMT TypeTRK6 Servo motor drive controller/

    You might take a look at the step down transformer, many times they have taps that allow changing the output voltage to correct for incoming power differences.

    I'm a little confused about the RST terminals, normally that is the labeling on the main power terminals, but they may be something different on the Indramat. Instantly blowing a fuse would indicate a serious problem like a dead short or something.

    Some pictures would be helpful. I'm unable to find any reference to a type TRK6 drive on the internet.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: General Electrical Question / INDRAMT TypeTRK6 Servo motor drive controller/

    Do you have any DWG's of the power input for the machine?
    I would first disconnect the output of any transformer, if the fuse hangs in, test the output voltage, also I agree the next step would be to disconnect the drive and just connect power, if the first step turns out OK.
    Post the power input dwg if you can.
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