I'm new to use iTNC530 and I need some help.
I want to get the Axis data from iTNC530 with the CSharp program.
I already import the HeidenhainDNCLib in Csharp.
Now my program can connect with iTNC530,while I still can't get the Axis data.
I use the function GetAxesInfo() in the Heidenhain DNC Componment manaul.
It doesn't work,because my IJHConfiguration property is null.

The code is like
public HeidenhainDNCLib.IJHAxisInfoList jHAxisInfo;
public HeidenhainDNCLib.JHConfiguration JHConfiguration { get; set; }

public void GetData()
JHConfiguration = new HeidenhainDNCLib.JHConfiguration();
jHAxisInfo = JHConfiguration.GetAxesInfo();

Can you give me some tip to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help !!
Sorry for typing English because my Deutsch is not good.

Best Regards