Good morning guys.

I have a DIY CNC and I use a RnRMotion board as shown in the image below.
It works great.

Now I'm using an MPG as shown in the figure.

I configure in MACK3 in Ports and Pins in the Encoder/MPGs tab as MPG #1 enable.
When using it, I click on TAB -- > MPG mode appears, I select Jog Mode --> MPG.

The handwheel works correctly moving forwards and backwards along the selected axis.

But I can't select the axis using the manual MPG switch in X,Y or Z, or the speed in X10 and X100.
I can only select the axis using the mouse by clicking "Alt A".

On the RnRMotion Controller Configuration screen I can see that the pins are activated,
but they don't make the selection. (image with Y selected).

There are also images of the board with the components that I was able to identify and with the possible schematic of the same.

Could someone help me to parameterize so that the axis and speed selection keys work
in manual MPG?

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