Hey guys. I have a 95 VF0 that came with a Gotek emulator in it. It is just a 20 dollar plastic nothing special Gotek emulator. I am able to load nc files on a USB stick that has no special formatting (fat 32 format no partitions) and plug it into the machine, call up the program number plus nc and hit F3 and it loads the program perfectly every time. I recently got a 03 VF1 that also has a Gotek in it that is clearly not set up the same as the older machine. It wont load programs at all. Control just says file not found. I understand that the common way to use these emulators is to load files on to a USB thats formatted to have 100 or so files at 1.44mb and the process is several steps to actually get the program on to the control. I dont want to have to deal with all that. I took the Gotek out of the old machine and installed it in the 03 and it works just the same as on the older machine. So I suspect this older Gotek has a firmware change or some kind of internal setup that allows it to basically work as a "pass through" USB port. I have already gotten a new Gotek, put flashfloppy firmware on it, tried multiple jumper settings, etc, and still not having any luck getting the new Gotek to operate like the old one. My question is does anyone have a way to set up a new Gotek to work as I described that my older one does? Clearly I am overthinking this and or doing something wrong.