Hi All,

I just wanted to post this in case others are thinking about importing a laser from China. I recently imported a LC6090 from GWeike into Canada. The process of communicating exactly what I wanted was somewhat slow because of the timezone but also because of the poor english. Duties & shipping was a lot easier than I expected, as I let a broker that GWeike chose handle everything. The costs for this weren't too high either.

Receiving and unboxing the machine was quite easy and the build quality of everything is really quite nice. However, I ran into some issues:

1) They sent me everything in 220V even though I asked for 120V, so I had to go out and buy a pretty beefy converter
2) I asked for a red dot laser installed with a beam combiner so the laser would always be concentric to the nozzle, but they installed it on the side of the nozzle
3) The chiller (CW5000) arrived dead, thankfully I'm an engineer so I was able to troubleshoot it, and have ordered replacement power supply & pumps from Cloudray
4) I attempted firing the laser with the TEST button of the PSU but I don't see any plasma on the tube and the laser output LED indicator doesn't turn on (see link below)


So for those who are thinking about importing, although the cost is much lower than alternative machines like BOSS, I'm warning that:

a) It might take a lot longer than expected to get your laser up and running once it's received
b) Don't expect a lot of good customer service and you might have to troubleshoot a lot of things

The communication has been really slow and I've been resorting to buying replacement parts off Cloudray because the parts come way faster. At this point I'm just wanting to get my machine up and running and am disappointed that the machine wasn't ready to go right after it was unpacked.