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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Feb 2013

    HAAS full table axis parameters

    I have a VF-9. The machine can move in X and Y well beyond the table, but the machine will only let me cut in a relatively small area on the table. At a previous job, we changed parameters and got access to our full movement window for machining. We could machine toll the axis stroked out. This control is newer and different. I can't find where I would change those parameters. Does anyone know what to change so I can use the whole X and Y axis?

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    May 2022

    Re: HAAS full table axis parameters

    Hi, I bought a milling machine like your milling machine. Unfortunately, the parameters and all settings have been deleted. It does not run programs. If your machine model is vf-0. Please send me the general parameters and settings of the milling machine so that my machine can work again. Let me start, thanks, dear colleague [1993] vf-0

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