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    HAAS VF2SS with NexGen Control - Date Legacy Variable

    I'm looking to date stamp programs as they are run in our HAAS's. I see that #3011 is current date, is there a way to write this variable to the program so it shows inside the body of the current program?



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    Re: HAAS VF2SS with NexGen Control - Date Legacy Variable

    You can't really have the control automatically edit the running program. You can, however, DPRNT that information and if you also have your program DPRNT the program number (make it a standard for whomever is writing your programs or put it into your post if you are using CAM).

    If you have multiple machines, I would recommend connecting them to a local network and having them all write to a file on said network along with machine ID so that you know exactly which machine ran which program on which date. It's a bit involved, but if you have questions you can always reach out...

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