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    HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Lennert, im from Belgium and i'm converting a HBM 45 PROFI to CNC.
    I'm studying mechanical engineering and am currently in the final year of my master.

    The goal is to convert the machine with as little modifications as possible. It will not be the cleanest conversion, but it will functionall.

    I started with the conversion of the Y-axis:
    Due to the square shape of the ballnut holder i lose a few centimeters of travel in the Y direction, but once the cnc mill is running i can round over the edges.
    The nut holder was made on the lathe with a 4 jaw chuck.

    The stepper and bearing block are mounted on a 8mm thick steel bracket that was TIG welded:

    The handwheel is not attached yet in this picture:

    Once the Y-axis was complete I started with the X-axis:
    The ballnut holder was made on the late with a 4 jaw chuck and the side chamfers were made using a hacksaw and file since my mill is in pieces.

    The bearing block and stepper are again mounted on an 8mm thick steel bracket:

    My TIG welding isn't the best but certainly enough for the application here.

    A photo of the 2 brackets side by side:

    The steppers are NEMA34 8.5Nm Dual shaft and the ballscrews are SFU2005.

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    you'll want to take the crank or whatever it's called off the handwheels. Those throw things way off balance and will shake the whole mill, plus being hard on the stepper bearings.

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Yes, I will keep that in mind. I don't know if I'll be using the handwheels often, but i chose dual shaft steppers just in case.
    In the meantime I have completed the Z-axis:
    Z-axis ballnut mount:

    Making an 8mm steel stepper bracket:

    Made a steel bracket and added gas struts:
    I chose to mount them to the steel table since it was quick/easy and I don't want to make any holes in the original mill.
    The head can now be moved up and down the full range of 500mm very easily by hand. Right now I can't rotate the head anymore, I might someday make a new bracket if it turns out to be a problem.
    Next up will be adding an oil system and inductive proximity sensors as limit switches.

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Can you rotate the head enough to tram it? Most CNC's don't bother with ever manually rotating the head, as it's such a pain to get it trammed back in, and you can 3d interpolate or whatever to get the same effect.

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Yes, I still have about 5 degrees in each direction

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    I finally have a few days off (and money) to continue working on the mill.

    Oil system:
    - Added oil connections
    - Added manual oil pump + manifold
    - Added oil grooves into contact surfaces:

    - Added a cross to the base since it would vibrate from left to right to increase stifness:
    - Mounted electronics box to the rear:
    - Soldered a (kinda messy) board to use proximity sensors instead of limit switches using optocouplers:

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    I have completed all mechanical parts of the mill. The gas struts do remove around 70mm of travel in the Y-direction, which is suboptimal but i can easily change the mounting later on.

    Here are two first test runs at conservative speeds:

    I have tested up to 6000mm/min when the system is well oiled, but it would lose steps sometimes.
    Right now maximum speeds are set to 2000mm/min

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Ok, I have tuned in all axes and measured the backlash for backlash compensation:

    0.06mm in X, got it accurate to within 0.02mm with compensation
    0.10mm in Y, got it accurate to within 0.04mm with compensation
    0.60mm in Z, got it accurate to within 0.13mm with compensation

    Are these acceptable for a homemade machine with a simple chinese ballnut conversion and open loop steppers ?
    My biggest problem as of now is the collet chuck, i litteraly have multiple mm of runout on the tool:

    This is probably not how the inside of a collet chuck is supposed to look like ? (the holes are not concentric)

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Thats an ER style collet nut. You need to engage the collet in the nut first before assembling it to the collet holder. https://125718-359648-raikfcquaxqnco...ers249-427.jpg

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Ahh ok, now I kinda feel stupid for asking haha. Thanks alot!

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    X and Y backlash don't sound bad, but .6mm on the Z may cause problems. End mills often pull into the workpiece, so when ramping or plunging you may end up with the endmill pulling down that .6mm all at once, potentially breaking the tool.

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Hi, Congratulations on your conversion and thanks for sharing. I am a total newbie, but I have the same mill and I want to do a similar conversion.

    Would you be able to tell us how long the ballscrews are?
    Also, I would like to know if you feel the nema34 is the correct size for this mill, especially the Z-axis.

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    Hello, sorry for the late reply!

    X ballscrew is 1000mm,
    Y ballscrew is 600 (not sure since i lost order email)
    Z ballscrew is 700mm.

    I ordered them all a little long so I had to cut off small sections as I couldnt find exact lengths i needed.

    The Z axis is 13Nm nema34, and together with the gas struts (2x 45kg), it can move very effortless.

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    can I contact you in any way? I would like to buy the hbm 45 profi milling machine, and then convert it to cnc, I would be very happy to have your support, thanks!

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    Re: HBM 45 PROFI CNC conversion

    You can send me a personal message on the forum, or ask your questions in here (maybe the info is also interesting to others)

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