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    Heidenhain tnc360 TOS fvp30cnc


    A question.

    Got an TOS fpv30cnc, with tnc 360 controller. Witch have som issues with parameter and plc program lists.
    Is it posible for me to retrofitt this old machine with some cind of new hardwere.
    Thinking PC baced controller?

    Ben Are

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    Re: Heidenhain tnc360 TOS fvp30cnc

    Anything is possible if you are prepared to spend the money. Have you reloaded the machine parameters to try and sort out the current problem?
    Regards Bob

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    Re: Heidenhain tnc360 TOS fvp30cnc

    Hi ,
    I bought a Tos Fng 63 cnc machine with Heidenhain Tnc 360 controller.
    Machine parameters are set all to 0 . Im missing the complete parameters to download them in order machine to start working again. I cannot moove manualy . Im changing some parameters but the are not saved after shut down. Batery block seems to have power (5v) .
    Is there a chance somehow to find a solution with this complecate situation?

    Thank you

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