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    Post Hello from Canada

    Hello everyone, Just like to say Hi.I am knew here and found this forum while researching Plasma Table builds. I am pressure welder by trade and have just started piecing some things together. I have no idea where to start, if someone would be kind enough to direct me to a book about plasma table design I would be grateful.

    So far I have purchased a few items from an auction as well as from kijiji (a classifieds ad site):

    -> A used hypertherm 1000 G3 with a machine torch.
    -> A two stage Igersoll Rand pump model 2475 to run the air compressor I will build.

    I haven't had time to clean these items yet, so they are a little dirty

    I have no idea where to start , the end result I want to build should handle a 5 x 10 sheet of steel.

    Steppers ?? Servo ?? Closed ?? Open ... I have no idea?? I don't understand what the ratings mean on the Nema motors...what size??

    The list goes on..

    rail system?? rack and pinion ?? 8020 or something else????

    Thanks for any direction

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    Re: Hello from Canada

    I have restro-fitted and serviced a few Plasma tables in the past.One retro-fit was 35 feet in length!!
    5X10 is a decent sized table, you are going to need servo's, I tended to use rack and pinion, The traveling gantry part complete with torch etc, is going to be fairly heavy.
    If you have the opportunity, look over some commercial tables to get the idea.
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    Re: Hello from Canada

    Hello! I'm also a new one here. Nice to meet you, man. My father has been working as a welder for 20 years and I think he knows how to help you. I also know something about it but I don't have enough time because of the university.
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