Hi all

Need some help choosing a machine from a shortlist of 3 please! This will be my first machine with a sub spindle and live tooling, I use Fusion 360 for post and I'm happy I can program for a sub spindle and live tooling. I really don't know what sets these machines apart from each other apart from brand and would welcome any and all help!!

I'm mostly turning small parts in lowish volumes but would like to experiment with possibly milling small parts from the bar stock in one of these? I don't know if live tooling can be turned 90 degrees to accomodate this. I'd really like to be able to use the one machine for almost everything if that's even possible.

They all have bar feed and chip conveyors, and a variety of live tooling and collets. They're all in the same price bracket.

Tongtai TA20LMB, 2012. Cleanest looking of the 3 machines, also the lowest hours. Single 12stn Snuter turret and tons of spare live tooling. Cheapest of the 3.

Nakamura TW10MM, 1998. Twin 12stn turret. Loads of collets though. 6 axis? Most expensive of the 3.

Hardinge Quest 8 51, 2005. Single 12stn turret (24 positions?), least live tooling of all of the machines but I believe this one also has a Y axis?

Full seller descriptions are below.

I really don't know what features I should be prioritising, they come with a 12 month warranty from the seller.


Tongtai TA20LMB, 2012, s/n U20195, Fanuc 18iTB Control, Sub Spindle, Driv Tooling, Short mag bar feed, Collet Chucks Main & Sub Spindle, 3 Driv Holders, Toolsetter, 12 stn turret, swarf conveyor, parts catcher & conveyor, max turning dia 335mm, max workpiece length 650mm, bar cap 51mm
Nakamura TW10MM, 1998, s/n W105809, Fanuc 18Ti Control, 6 axis, LNS Ecoload short mag bar feed, twin 12 stn turret, full c axis & driv tools, toolsetting eyes, Collet chuck, 3-jaw chuck, 12 stn turrets, q setters, renishaw probe, parts catcher, swarf conveyor, 52mm bar cap.
Hardinge Quest 8 51 CNC Driven Tool Sub-Spindle CNC Lathe, 2005, s/n qc-671, Fanuc 16i-T, Driven tooling, sub-spindle, 5 Driven Tool Holders, 8 static, Hydrafeed Multifeed short Magazine Bar feeder s/n5707, collet chuck, 18 Off C 16 Collets. Swarf conveyor, Toolsetter, parts catcher, max turning dia 340.4mm, max turning length 355.6mm, bar cap 50.8mm, 14.9kw.