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    Help , cnc moving randomly

    I Have a new machine Chinese cnc, I am using ncstudio software, but I some times facing a problem, it's moving randomly and making a noise, mostly happing when I start ncstudio and some times when I working on project, I attached a video of problem on youtube

    any one here face the same problem ?

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    Re: Help , cnc moving randomly

    Random un-commanded movement of one or more axis can be caused by electrical noise from the spindle VFD (variable frequency drive). The first thing I would do is remove power from the VFD only and then start the software and run a program without the spindle. Try that multiple times. If there are no random movements, then it's likely that it's a noise issue. But, there can be other causes. Check all the wiring screw terminals for the motors and drives to make sure nothing is loose.

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