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    HELP difficulty setting end of travel and return home

    I am new to your site as well as a new practitioner of cnc machine. I am finishing my machine and arrive at the most delicate part for me, the purely programming or electronic part. the system is an uc300eth coupled to UCBB and uccnc as support.
    My issue is the following,
    1 / I placed limit switches (NC) on each axis, these are identified in diagnostics, let's take the X axis, if the latter moves laterally and reaches the limit switch, it is impossible to move the carriage in the other way, a window pops up and tells me

    "the software reset logic is active. clear the reset condition by pressing the flashing reset button on the screen. if the reset condition cannot be removed, it may be due to an external electronic stop button being pressed or a limit switch on the machine tool please check the diagnostic page for the condition of the input signals "".

    which method should be applied?

    2 / I also installed home limit switches (NC), also on the diagnostic page ok, but they do not interrupt the movement when I click on the corresponding icon, Why?

    I think it's simple for professionals but for amateurs, there is nothing simple, believe me.

    Thanking you for the help you can give me
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    Re: HELP difficulty setting end of travel and return home

    1) Use the "Override Limits" button to disable the switches and allow you to jog off of them.

    2) I'm not sure what you are asking. What icon are you clicking on?
    Clicking an icon should not stop any movement.

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    Re: HELP difficulty setting end of travel and return home

    Hello and thanks for the replies
    for my 2nd question, the home limit switches are installed, when I press the red icon of the X axis (top right of home all), the axis moves but arrived at the limit switch, it there is no stop.
    Is this not the use that this limit switch should have?

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