Hi all, I’m seeking guidance, I’m looking for a 5 axis simultaneous mill controller and I am considering a Masso G3 touch, I’m retro fitting an old mill, 11kw 9k spindle 1kw XYZ 400v servos 16 tool ATC BT40 and looking at building my own 4/5 axis trunnions table on harmonic drives and AC servos.
A lot of people seem happy with Masso on 3 axis machines but I don’t know how well they work on 5 axis, they say it can do it but I can’t find anyone that’s done it. The only vid out there I can find is a G2 and it cannot handle different length tools so a ATC is out of the question.
Any help, leads or links would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

Regards Macarms375@bigpond.com