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    Help Me Troubleshoot

    Making these signs have about 30/200 done and the laser is beginning to about 75% of the time get off track in around the same area everytime. Don't understand what is happening as 90% of the time the first line is always fine. I have checked for obvious obstructions is all at this point. Please see the picture to help me learn where to start adjusting. Thank you it is an important project for my work and I want to be able to finish the rest of the signs.

    I have this engraver: https://engraverworld.com/collection...raving-machine

    This is my problem. You can see in the ijmage it is off on the letter g's and, lowercase s, and Pi.

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    Re: Help Me Troubleshoot

    It appears that the X axis is loosing steps. Is something causing resistance or additional weight on that axis? Hose dragging?
    You can also check for and tighten pulleys on shafts. Make sure the belt isn’t riding on the pulley flange.
    Check that the stepper motor isn’t getting very hot. Increase the amp setting on the stepper drive as a last resort. But that might increase the temperature

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    Re: Help Me Troubleshoot

    Corrupted USB communication.
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